Best Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Faster

If you want a faster motorcycle, you’ll find that making some changes to your ride is the key to boosting its maximum speed. These practical changes may cost a bit of money. However, they are proven to make a significant difference. Today, we’d like to share four sensible tips which will give you the power to go faster. Bear in mind that you should always follow the speed limit! That being said, it’s always fun to know that speed is there when it’s appropriate to use it!

Alter Your Exhaust System and Install a Power Commander

Aftermarket products are popular ways to get more speed from motorcycles. If you’re interested in adding aftermarket components, consider a full exhaust system which comes with headers. As well, you’ll find that playing with the fuel mapping on your motorbike gives you the ability to make your motorbike lighter. As a bonus, it will also improve response from the throttle and create more torque and power.

Add a New Suspension

Some motorcycles don’t come with the best suspensions (good suspensions may be adjusted in order to suit). If you do purchase a new suspension, you’ll find that your motorcycle performs better. Adjustable features make a big difference and this means that adjusting damping and compression settings according to how much you weigh is the key to enjoying more speed and responsiveness while riding.

It’s possible to buy these types of adjustable setups from a lot of aftermarket suppliers. You may also be able to find used parts from other motorbikes. This second strategy may reduce the cost of this aftermarket modification. To make the most of your new suspension system, have a mechanic install it for you.

Change Your Tires

Some tires are pretty heavy and they slow motorbikes down. Heavy tires makes it hard for even the best suspension system to function effectively and many wheels which come with motorbikes do fall into the “heavy” category. The key to unlocking speed gains is finding lightweight wheels from an aftermarket supplier. There are plenty of brands to choose from.

Choose the Correct Tire Type

Tires need to be light. However, they also need to be the correct type. For example, if you want to race your motorcycle (legally, of course, at a race track!), you shouldn’t invest in tires which are meant for road use and long tire life. Everyone is different, so think about what you need and consider tire type, in addition to the overall weight of tires.

Now that you know four simple tricks that will help you to enjoy more speed, you’ll be ready to move forward and make your motorcycle faster. While none of these tricks are free, they are effective and you’re probably used to spending a bit of cash on your bike already! Aftermarket systems and lightweight tires allow bikes to attain higher speeds. To find out more, be sure to look for these systems and tires online. You may be able to find great deals on what you want.

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