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How to Take Care of Your Car’s Interior and Exterior?

If you want to protect your auto investment, learning the best ways to take care of your car’s interior and exterior will be helpful. Proper maintenance is one of the keys to keeping a car working well and looking good. Our quick guide is designed to help you create an ideal schedule for interior and exterior maintenance.

How to Perform Interior Maintenance

Experts recommend performing interior maintenance at least once a month. If you live in a place where it snows in winter, you may need to perform this type of maintenance a bit more during the cold-weather months. In terms of what to do, it’s basically a cleaning job. Remove the rugs and shake them out. Then, vacuum them and set them aside. In some cases, they may need spot-cleaning or shampooing. It’s possible to shampoo smaller car rugs by hand and lots of cleaning supplies for this purpose are out there. If you shampoo or spot-clean, let the carpeting dry completely before you put it back in the car.

You should also vacuum upholstery and flooring and wipe down the rocker panels and other plastic surfaces. How you clean should depend on what the surfaces are made of. A fancy car with burled walnut panels will need different care than one with plastic panels. Lastly, clean the windows on the inside – Windex and paper towels should provide a streak-free, lint-free finish. You may also want to disinfect and dust handles, the steering wheel, etc.

How to Perform Exterior Maintenance

In terms of exterior maintenance, you’ll need to wash your car or take it through a car wash. If you’re doing it yourself, use gentle cleaning implements which won’t damage your car’s paint job, such as chamois cloths. Also, be sure that you’re using a solvent which is safe for your car’s surface. Do more detailing by cleaning the tires and rims. Wash the windows on the outside in order to finish the job. You may also want to polish any chrome.

Do It Yourself or Outsource

If you don’t want to do the hard work yourself, you should be able to pay a car dealership or mechanic to perform interior and exterior detailing for you. If you’re busy and not interested in getting dirty, this approach may be cost-effective for you. However, it’s quite possible to do the job yourself.

In addition to proper cleaning, you should take care to follow guidelines in your Owner’s Manual which relate to having your auto inspected. It’s important to take care of regular oil changes and to have mechanics look at your car now and then. It’s always better to get mechanical issues or electrical issues resolved right away. As well, you should ensure that your tires are in good condition. A mechanic will be able to check them for you.

Now that you know the basics, you’ll be ready to move forward and take care of things in an organised and efficient manner. It’s all about scheduling cleaning and then ensuring that it gets done, whether you pay someone to do it or do it yourself.